Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flowmeters

Oval Gear Flowmeters are one of the most popular and widely used positive displacement meters in the process industry. They are relatively simple in construction, robust, have lots of options and are cost effective making them ideal for lubrication circuits, fuel dispensing & blending, consumption measurement, mixing & dosing of extremely varied checmicals such as Polyols & Isocyanates to vegitable oils, fats and grease.

OM  Series

  • SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE– 0.016 to 2,500 L/Min The ‘go to’ Oval Gear meter, all of the options, all of the performance. Aluminium/Stainless Steel, ATEX (EEx ia & d), threads, flanges and Tri-Clamp fittings, up to 150oC, reed switch, Hall effect, quadrature, digital displays with alarm/pulse and analogue outputs (with HART)
  • OM HP – All of the features of the OM but made even more industrial and capable of withstanding pressure to 400 Bar
  • OM Chem – Completely non-metallic construction makes this meter suitable for a wide variety of Organic Chemicals from enzymes to hydrocarbons, AdBlue to nucleic Acid. 
  • OM Mechanical – The medium and large OM sizes fitted with directly mounted mechanical registers for reliable, tamper free totalising

Fuel Consumption

  • EGM – OEM oval gear flowmeter, a cost effectively packaged design for machine builders and quantity users. Whether it is fuel, AdBlue, lubrication, transmission, gear box oils or additives 
  • FCS – Fuel Consumption System, whether it is automotive, static/generator, boiler house or in a marine this kit contains all you need to accurately measure engine or boiler diesel fuel usage.

Fuel Transfer and Blending

  • D Series – Based on the OM Series but optimised for fuel duty it loses none of its performance but is made more cost effective for this competitive market.
  • AIM – Additive Injection Manifold as it sounds is a complete solution incorporating not only a flowmeter and solenoid valve but isolation, regulating, check valve and strainer all in one compact package. 
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