Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flowmeters

Ideal for oil flow monitoring in lubrication circuits, Water/glycol cooling systems, chemical additives and injection, fuel transfer or consumption (including AdBlue), Polyols, resins, glues and even Molasses. The ‘go to’ OM range, all of the options, all of the performance. Aluminium/Stainless Steel, ATEX (EEx ia & d), threads, flanges and Tri-Clamp fittings, up to 150oC, reed switch, Hall effect, quadrature, directly mounted battery powered digital display with option for alarms, pulse & analogue outputs (with HART) and RS485/232 serial communications using the RT Flomec displays or the F Series Fluidwell displays. Ideal for all industrial, chemical and offshore environments.


  • OM Small:  0.016-9.16 L/Min in 3 ranges, 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" sizes. The Small Capacity meters are well suited to measurement of very low flow rates of various additives, chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and purified waters. Exceptional accuracy and reliability can be obtained on clean liquids of almost any viscosity.
  • OM Medium: 1-500 L/Min in 4 ranges, 1/2", 1", 1.1/2" and 2" sizes. The Medium Capacity are ideally suited to precise measurement of fuels, oils, solvents, alcohols, mildly aggressive chemicals, and various other clean industrial liquids. When fitted with the RT40 or Rt14 battery powered display become very capable stand-alone transfer, monitoring and inventory meters.
  • OM Large: 35-2,500 L/Min in 4 ranges, 3" and 4" sizes. Large capacity OMs are well suited to precise measurement of fuels and oils. Low pressure drop and various hazardous area certifications make the large capacity OM-Series meters applicable to almost any transfer application whether pumped or gravity-fed
  • OM HP: 0.016-500 L/Min in 7 ranges, 1/4" to 2". All of the features of the OM but capable of withstanding pressure up to 400 Bar. With its superior accuracy and viscosity independence makes it ideal for hydraulic applications where temperature changes make axial turbines inaccurate
  • OM Chem: 10-150 L/Min, 1" size. Completely non-metallic construction makes this meter suitable for a wide variety of Organic Chemicals from enzymes to hydrocarbons, AdBlue to nucleic Acid.
  • OM Mechanical: 1-2,500 L/Min in 8 ranges, 1/2" to 4" in size. The medium and large OM sizes fitted with directly mounted mechanical registers for reliable, tamper free totalising
  • AIM: Additive Injection Block, expressly designed for blending and mixing of fuels and additives. The all-in-one manifold integrates a viscosity independent Oval Gear measuring system (based on the OM small range) with in-built isolation, regulating and non-return valves, strainer and a fast-acting solenoid valve (Safe Area & ATEX versions available)
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