OPTIFLUX Electromagnetic Inductive Flowmeters

A large range of high-quality Electromagnetic Flowmeters from basic applications to demanding flow and custody transfer (CT) measurements.

Large choice of liner materials suitable for potable water, wastewater, chemicals, SIP/CIP, Abrasion and corrosion resistant. Measurement independent of flow profile option, Minimal or no inlets/outlets option, Zero-point stability regardless of changes in media properties. There is also a standard device option for partially filled pipes.

Large selection of sizes available from DN6 (1/4”)…3000 (120”)      

  • OPTIFLUX 1000: Sandwich (Wafer) device for compact Installation
  • OPTIFLUX 2000: For Water and Wastewater Applications
  • WATERFLUX 3000: For Small and Large flows without requiring inlets or outlets
  • OPTIFLUX 4000: For standard and advanced process and custody transfer applications
  • OPTIFLUX 5000: Ceramic measuring tube: Maximum media and abrasion resistance and accuracy
  • OPTIFLUX 6000: For hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications
  • NEW AF-E-400: For Utilities and Industrial Automation


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