UK Flowtechnik's Magnetic Couplings Look to Break a World-Record

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To be the first to achieve something no-one has done before is quite something, to be the first to achieve something after 27 failed attempts takes iron determination and an unwavering self-belief.

Step up Colin and Julia Angus from who are looking go down in history as the first people to successfully design and build an unmanned boat that crosses the Atlantic Ocean. It seems like the impossible but for this couple, who have rowed and cycled from Scotland to Syria, this is just another challenge to conquer. 

 For different reasons the previous 27 attempts have failed, some due to technical malfunctions other attempts faulted by storms and even a few attacked by sharks. This summer they will attempt to conquer this incredible task and achieve a Guinness World record cementing their fate as the first to successfully sail an unmanned boat across the Atlantic.

Watch below the latest update to the boat or alternatively follow all of the updates here -

We are extremely proud to be a small cog in part of their record-breaking attempt by supplying a humble magnetic coupling as part of their propeller/drive system. All of UK Flowtechnik would like to wish them the best of luck!

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