UK Flowtechnik and VSE announces the retirement of an old but faithful flowmeter

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VS0.1GPO12V12A11/2 S/N 30/96/084 was crafted in 1996 by the artisan workforce at VSE, sent away from its home country of Germany to work in the UK for a well-known UK company testing specialist Aerospace Hydraulic components. 30/96/084 performed valiantly until 2013 when age started to creep up. After returning to its native country of Germany and its birthplace the VSE factory the skilled service team rebuilt 30/96/084 to ‘as new’ condition ready to serve again.

Working with distinction for nearly 5 more years 30/96/084 was pronounced ‘ready for retirement’ at 14:45 on the 19th April 2018 by a VSE’s Service Manager.

Knowing that 30/96/084 has been put out to pasture and is now taking it easy in retirement after a long a very useful service life has made it all worthwhile for the team at UK Flowtechnik and VSE.

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