UK Flowtechnik’s revolutionary progressive cavity pump

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UK Flowtechnik’s revolutionary new progressive cavity pump

Accurately dispense fluids and pastes containing up to 60% fillers.

UK Flowtechnik Ltd, sole agent for the UK for the Beinlich Pump, synonymous with Gear Pumps for many years has recently launched a new small-scale progressive cavity pump, the VISCO.pump®. This innovative pump has been designed specifically to enable the precise dosing of fluids and pastes proportional to speed.

The VISCO.pump® can be used in many areas of industry and its pumping principle allows for precise dispensing of beads and dots as required, normally as part of an automated process.

The pump is well-suited to applications such as; adhering to magnets in motors and loudspeakers, for LED strips, glob topping, dam-and-fill processes, under-filling, for sealing housings, greasing motor shafts, applying cooling paste on chips or for dispensing PU.

The newly developed pump is able to accurately dispense liquids and pastes with up to 60% filler content. The dosing quantity can be set to be absolutely linear, with a dosing accuracy and repeatability of ± 1% or less.

With such a linear volumetric efficiency and high predictability on delivery, this makes the pump almost "Plug&Go" when regarding the control theory, making handling and using the pump considerably easier than other pump designs and also reduces the cost of installation and commissioning. The VISCO.pump® can be retro-fitted into existing systems if required.

Richard Price, UK Flowtechnik’s Managing Director, said, “The size of the VISCO.pump®, combined with its meticulous precision in continuous dosing of fluids and pastes, sets it apart from other pumping technologies currently available and we’re delighted that we now have this innovative solution which delivers continuous dosing across a broad range of applications with exceptionally high accuracy and repeatability. 

“It is generating considerable interest across all the major advanced engineering sectors, from aerospace and automotive, through to electronics, medical and pharmaceuticals.”

“We are constantly faced with new challenges using existing pump technologies.  At times gear pump technology is not the best choice for dosing and dispensing of fluids, particularly those containing materials that are shear-sensitive or containing solids".

The new technology is based on the volumetric principle of an endless or infinite piston where the core components; rotor and stator form a perfectly sealed metering chamber.  The eccentric movement of the rotor allows for a low-shear motion of the medium from one chamber to the next chamber without damage to the media.

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