The Why, How & Where of the Magnetic Coupling

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WhyTraditional sealing methods such as packing, lipseals and mechanical seals on rotating equipment have their benefits, but also their limitations and will always require an element of maintenance, service and eventual replacement. If leakage, or more over the ‘risk’ of leakage could or would cause major issues with your machine, system or site a Magnetic Coupling is the best solution.  

The design and operation of a magnetic coupling it negates the time and especially the cost of servicing and replacing traditional seals. It can also be easily adapted to cope with high temperature, high pressure applications whilst pumping numerous corrosive and potentially harmful chemicals especially in hazardous environments such ATEX or Offshore.

HowWith the Law of Attraction between the north and south poles of a magnet manipulated to provide the transfer of torque from one shaft to another using the magnetic force created rather than by mechanical means. With no physical contact between the shafts, this allows a static barrier (canister) to be used as the ‘seal’, with the seal being stationary or having no rotating contact parts like traditional seal methods, therefore supporting the claim of maintenance free. 






WhereWith this contact-less rotation of a shaft it lends itself to many varied applications from pumps to mixers, agitators to compressors and torque limiters to linear drive systems. Anywhere where you are looking to turn a shaft and related component such as an impeller, propeller, blade or arm within a sealed environment, hence it’s preference for use in the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry.  With temperature and hygiene in mind the Food Industry and more recently in pressure environments and/or where safety is paramount such as Offshore & Subsea.





UK Flowtechnik and the DST Magnetic Coupling…What differentiates the UK Flowtechnik and DST relationship is the ability to be flexible to what the customer wants and needs, with a vast range of material and magnets with the ability to prove both standard coupling designs or to engineer bespoke solutions. Offering complete logistic and support from enquiry through to supply and aftersales.

UK Flowtechnik supply a wide range of DST Magnetic Couplings, call our friedly team for impartial advice on magnetic coupling applications.