See our live demonstration of the VISCO.pump at Advanced Engineering 2022

See our live demonstration of the VISCO.pump on our Stand P100, Advanced Engineering Expo, NEC, on 2nd & 3rd November 2022.

Attached to an X-Y table, the VISCO.pump's dispensing speed perfectly matches its progression to produce a slender, uninterrupted and faultless bead. Sophisticated software enables pump speed to match velocity, allowing dwells at corners, perfect arcs and variation in bead size to order.

Rapid transits are also possible as the stator can be reversed, sucking back liquid to prevent any drips or drops on the workpiece, and preventing waste. Single part or twin component, filled or un-filled, the VISCO.pump is perfect for even the most complex glueing or sealing tasks. See it soon…


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