New Baby RS Flowmeter

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UK Flowtechnik is proud to announce the arrival of a new addition to the RS Helical Screw Flowmeter family, the smallest yet, the RS40 Helical Screw Flowmeter.

Joining its larger 100, 400m 800 & 2,500 L/Min siblings, the new RS40 going from 0.04 to 40 L/Min extends the coverage. These innovative helical screw flowmeters are ideal for hydraulic systems but really excel when used on ‘thick and sticky’ stuff such as resins, glues and paints where their design has much lower pressure losses than conventional circular gears meters.With their adjustable interpolation electronics giving them the ability to work at very low flow rates with high viscosities without compromising resolution making them ideal 2K type applications.

Welcome the new arrival, call us now: 0115 901 7111