Interesting Applications for Oval Gear Meters

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Application - Process and control and proportional bleeding

Prior to this mixing process, the aggregate must be dried and heated to bond the liquid asphalt to the aggregate. Most states require that an additive be sprayed over the aggregate after the heating process and prior to mixing with the liquid asphalt. This additive increases the adhesion of liquid asphalt to the aggregate and also prevents any residual moisture in the form of steam from interfering with the adhesion process.

What are the Advantages of using a FLOMEC Oval Gear Meter?

Here are some advantages of installing the oval gear meter in an asphalt manufacturing plant:

• Responds accurately and quickly to changes in flow rate changes• Durable in rugged conditions• Accurate with high viscosity liquids• Economical solution for this application

Take a look at the diagram below to see the set up in such an application.







The selected FLOMEC OM Series meter handles the high viscosity fluids and changing flow rates very well. This meter performs well in rugged conditions, is very robust and provides excellent accuracy rates.