Flomec meters help mine crude oil

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Company Type: Chemical MixingMarket: MiningApplication Category: MonitoringModel Number: OM006S513-222R2

APPLICATIONMeasure the Kerosene Dilutant (KD) pumped into the earth to breakdown the gravity composition of crude oil. This process helps extract crude oil from oil wells for processing. Monitoring the amount of KD pumped results in accurate cost for each oil well. After installing the OM006 with Standard Display, the user realised a cost savings and had an accurate count of KD used.

PROBLEMThe user needed a way to monitor the amount of Kerosene Dilutant pumped into the earth during the process of extracting crude oil.The cost of this product ranges from $80 - $100 per barrel so using unnecessary dilutant can drive up the cost of extracting the crude oil. An accurate, easy and cost-effective meter was required to solve the problem.

SOLUTIONThe tank holds 1,000 barrels of KD with various lines coming out to feed multiple oil site locations. Place the meter before the pump and above ground at the oil well site. The pump mixes the KD fluid and transports it through rods into the earth. After the crude is broken down another pump, at the bottom of the well, pumps the crude above ground.









Order the FLOMEC OM006, ¼ inch meter with the RT12 Standard Display for this application. The combination of products creates an accurate solution and saves money. The OM006 meter handles high viscosity and pulsating flow.

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