FLOMEC Additive Injection Manifold assists with injection moulding

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UK Flowtechnik Ltd are delighted to supply Flomec additive injection manifold block (AIMS) that accurately doses small amounts of an additive such as a dye, into a larger liquid flow. Accurate additive injection ensures that the chemical is added in an effective concentration and ensures that there is no wastage from overdosing.

The FLOMEC® AIM block (Additive Injection Manifold) is a compact all stainless steel manifold assembly with isolating, flow regulating & check valves, a fine mesh strainer, solenoid valve & a precision oval gear flow meter. Additive Injection Manifold are measurement systems designed to accurately inject additives to a base product, such as mixing primary fuels with additives at storage tank facilities. The inlet and outlet elbows can be arranged in three orientations providing installation flexibility. All assemblies shown are modular to the manifold & may be quickly changed in-situ.

The FLOMEC® AIM block will work with any PLC or Industrial Control System, serving as a composite slave assembly for the accurate blending of fuel additives to fuels at loading facilities, stationary & mobile transfer units within the petroleum industry worldwide.

Central to the AIM block is a precision oval gear positive displacement flowmeter having a solid state style NPN Hall Effect pulse output, with the option of an Exd explosion proof terminal housing.

The second most crucial element is the solenoid valve, having a fast direct acting valve with an FFKM (Kalrez) seat, which allows for high velocity flows through a small 3mm or 5mm orifice providing minute proportion control even at high injection pressures.

ApplicationAIM accurately injects small amounts of modifying additives to base product. Additives include lead replacements, Dyes & Markers, Denaturants, Detergents, Odorizing, Antifreeze, Anti-corrosion, Anti-detonating, Anti-static, Anti-icing, Anti-foaming, Emulsifiers and performance enhancing agents.










How does it work?

Operating principles:

The Oval Gear meter is positive displacement flow meter, where the passage of liquid causes two oval geared rotors to rotate within chamber. This chamber is a precision measuring chamber and with each rotation a fixed volume of liquid is displaced passing through the meter. Magnets are embedded within the rotors which initiate a high resolution pulse train output. The pulse output can be wired directly to a process control and monitoring equipment or can be used as an input to instruments supplied with or fitted directly to the meter.

The benefits of this proven technology allows precise flow measurement and dispensing of most clean liquids irrespective of their conductivity, with other liquid characteristics having nil or minimal effect on meter performance. This metering technology does not require flow profile conditioning as required with alternative flow technologies making the installation relatively compact and low cost.

For further information on specialist flow metering please contact our friendly technical team on 0115 9017111 or alternatively email: sales@ukflowtechnik.com.