Custom-made Axial Turbine flowmeters help strainer manufacturer

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A major manufacturer of strainers had a dilemma, how to make our existing RN3/RN4 Axial Turbine flowmeters, thinner, easier to install, more cost effective and yet not compromise their performance whilst being used on Seawater?

The RN3 & RN4 axial turbines are machined from solid 316L Stainless Steel, making them very versatile and robust but there is also a cost associated with this process. The customer liked the idea of a flanged RN4 unit because of the ease of installation but cost was an issue. When redesigning their system to rationalise it to gain type approval something had to be done. Cost and space was a real issue, especially at the least one of the end-users demanded that the flowmeter be placed in a series to provide redundancy.

The solution: a wafer style turbine sandwiched between flanges. Adapting an existing design for an OEM tubine, UK Flowtechnik turned concept into reality within weeks. Making a turbine which would still give better than +/- 0.5% of reading and yet only have a width of 63mm wasn't easy but the outstanding design of the RN series was such a good base that performance was never an issue. What was interesting was that even when two turbines were installed directly after each other there was a minimal change in either turbines meter factor. This could easily be resolved to a simple offset for the lead turbine.

Deliveries have started, the whole system goes for type approval next year, which should put this new addition to the UK Flowtechnik's portfolio in the lead for years to come.

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