Multihandy 2020

MultiHandy 2020 2 channel datalogging kits & accessories

Hydrotechnik have developed a low cost digital pressure test kit with some powerful features.
It is an easy to use hand held unit that comes ready to just plug and play.

The sensors that are used with this kit are ISDS (Intelligent Sensor Detection System) so no programming is required.

Packed with features:

  •    Two channel inputs ISDS 4-20mA
  •    60,000 measuring value memory
  •    Min / Max capture on screen (1mS)
  •    Differential pressures
  •    Backlit LCD screen
  •    Memory feature to record data, 1 minute at 1mS (30s if recording 2 channels)
  •    Fast data transmission via USB
  •    Comes with Basic HYDROcom analysis software
  •    Simple operation with only four keys
  •    Rugged plastic housing
  •    Rechargeable batteries for up to 6 hours continual use
  •    Comes as measuring kit with 2 selectable transducers, charger and adaptors included

Other ISDS sensors such as flow meters or temperature probes can be used with the 2020 to extend its useability.