Electro Magnetic Flowmeters (EMF)

Magnetic Inductive flowmeters are the ‘go-to’ meter for water like liquids they do everything a conventional turbine meter can do, but with greater rangeability, greater accuracy, a lower pressure drop and most importantly absolutely no moving parts. Not only does this mean that there are no parts to wear, but things like metering unfiltered or polluted media such as borehole or river water or even slurries become possible. Virtually the only limit within reason is the media has to be conductive to a certain level, for us that’s 5-20 µS/cm depending on model, generally if its water based it will work.

UK Flowtechnik has designs to meet every need from chemically resistant, hygienic, through irrigation/utilities to big, rugged meters for industrial applications. Making them ideal for food, pharma, brewing, boiler feed, grey/river or borehole water, but can also work on pastes, sauces and slurries, even abrasive ones.

  • SpiraMAG: The go-to magnetic inductive flowmeter for all industrial applications, DN10 to DN1000, ANSI/DIN flanged, Rubber/PTFE liner, Stainless Steel/Hastelloy electrodes.
  • LFE: OEM flowmeter/monitor/switch for 3/8” to 1” pipes with flow rate & total display, alarms, pulse and 4-20 mA outputs.
  • PE202: Chemically resistant PVDF body ideally suited to acids, 0.14-91 L/Min in two ranges, pulse and 4-20 mA output.
  • EX80: Insertion style mag meter, ideal for monitoring of flows in 1 to 12" diameter pipes, range of displays and outputs.
  • WMP: 1”, 2” & 3” sizes, battery or powered options, ideally suited to agricultural, irrigation, grey water and borehole water monitoring with threaded or Banjo style flange clamp connections and a rugged Polypropylene moulded body.
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