Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors

The MG1 series TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology.

Energy optimized, high frequency electromagnetic impulses, generated by the electronics, are propagated along the probe. When these impulses hit the surface of the media, part of the impulse energy is reflected back up the probe to the electronics. The level is calculated from the time difference between the impulse sent and the impulses reflected. The sensor can output the analysed level as a continuous measurement reading through its current output, and it can convert the one value into a freely positionable switching output signal. TDR Sensors are also known as Guided Radars or Guided Wave Radars (GWR).

  • MG1-E Single Rod Probe for measuring range 100 ... 3000mm
  • MG1-S Wire Rope Probe for measuring range 1000 ... 20000mm
  • MG1-C Coaxial Probe for measuring range 100 ... 6000mm
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