G2 Series Stainless Steel for water & most chemicals

G2 ATEX Stainless Steel series Turbine flowmeter for Water and Chemicals

Ideal for monitoring the use of water or water like chemical solutions dispensed from bulk storage, reducing product consumption, theft and wastage. Their compact design allows easy installation, on site or field calibration for different fluid densities and viscosities and cost effective monitor of liquid used. These self-contained units are also ideal for when the liquids used have to be apportioned to different cost centres.

  • Connections: 1/2", 3/4", 1"', 1.1/2" or 2" sizes with female BSPT or NPT threads
  • Measuring range: 3.8-38, 7.6-76, 19-190, 38-380 & 76-760 L/Min
  • Linearity: ±1.5% on smaller sizes to ±0.75% on larger models
  • Pressure rating: Max 102 Bar
  • Temperature rating: -18oC to +60oC with directly mounted display (-40oC to +121oC with remote display)
  • ATEX Intrinsically Safe Field programmable LCD flow rate & dual totalising display
  • Options: vertical display mount, remotely mounted display, pulsed output module, analogue output module, external power module 
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