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G2 Series Industrial Axial Turbine Flow Meter

G2 Series Industrial Meters in Aluminium, PVDF, Stainless Steel and Hygienic designs with battery powered flow rate and dual totalising display.

The self-contained ½” to 2” battery powered G2 Series are an ideal and cost-effective way of monitoring the flows of low viscosity liquids in process, industrial and Hygienic environments. They have displays of flow rate, accumulated total and resettable total for either safe area or hazardous areas (ATEX EEx ia). For higher temperatures (>60oC) a remote display kit can be supplied either with the meter or retrofit to increase the temperature rating to 121oC. Additional modules which ‘sandwich’ between the flowmeter body and display to give a pulsed or analogue output can be supplied with the meter or retrofitted at any time.

Sizes from 1/2" to 2", 3.8-38 L/Min to 76-760 L/Min 

  • Aluminium: Fuels,  Petroleum based products and light oils with or without ATEX Approval. BSP, NPT or flanged (ANSI 150 LB only) connections 
  • Stainless Steel: Water like liquids and some aggressive chemicals with or without ATEX Approval. BSP, NPT or flanged (ANSI 150 LB only) connections 
  • Tri-Clamp: For low viscosity liquids in either the food, brewing, distilling (ethanol, spirit alcohol etc) or pharmaceutical industries with or without ATEX approval
  • High Pressure: For industrial applications for low viscosity liquids up to 207 Bar
  • PVDF: Completely non-metallic (PVDF, Ceramics & PTFE wetted parts) for aggressive  (highly acidic) chemicals
  • G2 Series Axial Turbine Meters with Display

    G2 Series Axial Turbine Flowmeter with Battery Powered Display


  • Remote Kit for Q9 Battery Powered Display


  • Analogue 4-20 mA Output Module for Q9 Display