Fuel Transfer and Blending

With the ever increasing cost of fuel, stock management and theft prevention are becoming more and more important. Oval Gear flowmeters are an ideal solution, their high accuracy and viscosity independence give precise indication of the total fuel moved.  Whether from tank to tank, blending, bulk to smaller containers or filling vehicles their compact size, light weight and fit anywhere nature make them very popular. Some more cost effective solutions use a turbine meter, but these can suffer with accuracy if not calibrated at your flow rate, on your fluid and at your operating/ambient temperature. Oval gear flowmeters eliminate these errors as they are still highly accurate over their stated flow range even if the temperature and or the viscosity changes.

AIM– Additive Injection Block, a compact manifold mounted flowmeterwith in-built isolation, regulating and non-return valves, strainer, solenoid valve.

D-Series– Simple rugged and reliable range of oval gear flowmeters for bulk transfer, blending or dispensing of fuels with either battery powered digital display or mechanical register

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