Free flow sensor

Accurate & Economic flow sensor: 

Minimally invasive, low cost segmented wedge flow sensor. Used to monitor and control process water.No moving parts: The segmented wedge element provides a simple and reliable restriction for sensing flow as related to pressure differentialUnrestricted mounting: Allows the designer to install the meter in any orientation – horizontal, vertical or inverted.Compact & rugged design: Measures less than 10" long and 3-1/2" wide, with a flanged mounting base for simple installation.Multiple flow range available: The FreeFlow™ Sensor is offered with several ranges of calibration to accommodate the requirements typical to process water applications.Multiple port sizes: Standard selection of NPT ports reduces the amount of adapters required for installation.

Engineering specifications:

The FreeFlow™ Sensor Shall:• Use the segmented wedge differential producer to measure flow rate as related to pressure.• Not require inlet or outlet straight plumbing, or require vertical pipe mounting.• Have a measuring accuracy of ±2% of full scale with ±1/2% repeatability.

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