F Series Rugged Wall Mount Instruments

The F Series comprises a family of rugged wall mount instruments comprising a flow rate and total display with outputs, a dual input model to show forwards and reverse flow, a differential model for fuel consumption and a 2 stage batch controller. The single input, dual  and differential models are available as ATEX/IECEx EEx ia Intrinsically Safe models for hazardous areas. 

F018 – Ideal for use with any of UK Flowtechnik’s flowmeters with pulsed outputs (mV sine-wave, NPN/PNP or Namur). It features a dual line display of  flow rate and dual total (one with reset) and transistor outputs for an alarms or scaled/unscaled pulsed output and 4-20 mA output with HART 7. Available in ATEX/IECEx version for hazardous areas.

F115 – Dual input model of the above for used with flowmeters such as the OM series with QP option or VS/RS style flowmeters with quadrature outputs to sense and display direction of flow either as a rate or to count up and down. This last feature is especially useful for cylinder or valve positioning using hydraulic flow rather than external encoders. Available in ATEX/IECEx version for hazardous areas.

F127 – Calculates corrected diesel fuel consumption for engines and generator sets. The flow rate and temperature of the incoming diesel is measured along with the returned flow rate and temperature which are then subtracted from one another and corrected using their thermal expansion coefficients to give true fuel consumption. Pulse, 4-20 mA and Modbus RTU outputs are available as well as models ATEX/IECEx Intrinsically Safe approvals for hazardous area.

F130 – The F130 is a batch controller with two control outputs for two-stage batching or one-stage control with a scaled pulse output. The operator can enter a batch quantity easily or execute repeating batches. During the batch, the preset value is displayed simultaneously with the batched or remaining quantity. The automatic self-learning overrun correction will ensure an accurate batch every time. On-screen engineering units are easily configured from a comprehensive selection

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