DST Magnetic Agitator Drives

Agitator Drives for DST Permanent Magnetic Couplings

Agitator Drives are fully compatible with the DST permanent Magnetic Couplings allowing for the effective process of fluids. The agitator drive can be mounted either on the top, bottom or from the side depending on the process required.

Top mounted agitator drive

An agitator which is to mounted onto the permanent magnetic coupling provides an overhead drive that prevents the escape of hazardous gases during agitation.

Suitable for the following industries:

  • Biopharm (for injectables, vaccines, cell cultures, and plasma and protein fractionations)
  • Chemical applications
  • Cryogenic (for kilo labs and glass reactors that require low temperature processing)
  • Glass lined reacto ragitator (for kilo labs, pilot plants and production)
  • Nucelar industry

Bottom mounted agitator drive

The agitator drive is hermetically sealed, thus preventing any contamination of the product.Suitable for the following industries:

  • Biotechnology (for injectables, vaccines, cell cultures, plasmas and protein practionations)
  • Chemical industry
  • Fermentation

Side Entry

An agitator drive fitted onto the side entry of a DST magnetic coupling is suitable for 

  • Food (for citrus juices, food oils, beverages, soups, chemicals)
  • Chemical industry
  • Fuel
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