Displays & Controllers for Process measurements

  • Displays & Controls
UK Flowtechnik offers a wide variety of signal converters, displays and batching options to complement its diverse range of flowmeters with either frequency or analogue inputs. Their features include meter mountable, wall mount, panel mount, DIN-rail mount, ATEX (EEx ia or EEx d), alarms, analogue re-transmission, serial communications, linearisation, DC/AC or battery powered. When supplied with a flowmeter as a package they can be provided fully programmed and ready to use.

  • Signal Conditioning: DIN-Rail mounted frequency to analogue signal converters (standard industrial or ultrafast)
  • RT IP66 Displays: Flow rate and total displays (options for alarm/scaled pulsed and 4-20 mA outputs) specifically designed to be directly mounted on OM Oval Gear & RN Axial Turbine flowmeters
  • Panel Mount Displays: Can be used with all of UK Flowtechnik's flowmeters with either a frequency or analogue output (ultrafast model to compliment the VS & RS meter range)
  • F Series: Flow rate and total displays for Safe and Hazardous Areas (EEx ia) with outputs in wall mount rugged enclosures
  • E Series: Flow rate and total displays with outputs in Aluminium or Stainless Steel (EEx d) Explosion (Flame) Proof housings
  • Batching Displays and Controllers: Automatically dispense a preset quanity of liquid (single or dual stage)
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