DIMF Compact Density & Concentration Sensor

The DIMF series compact density sensor works on the proven vibrating tube measuring principle. These reliable and accurate sensors are designed for continuous determination of density or concentration of liquids from 500 – 1,500 Kg/m³.  Applications include fuel and oils, water/ethanol mixes, pharmaceutical, drinks and alcohol mixtures etc. etc.  their all stainless steel construction lends itself to virtually any fluid within the measurement range.

Highly accurate and repeatable the DIMF compact can also be specifically temperature compensated to suit fluids such as diesel and bunker fuels which can change with temperature. The DIMF sensor can be embedded into machinery or laboratory equipment and are rated for continual use.  An example of an embedded application is here

Technical Specification

  • Density range: 500 - 1500 kg/m³
  • Accuracy: better than ±1kg/m³
  • Repeatability: better than ±0.1kg/m³
  • Operating flow range: 1 to 6 L/min
  • Max operating pressure: 6 bar

For deployment in laboratory, medical and engineering applications, where space is limited and where costs play an important role. The DIMF compact sensor makes on-line continuous monitoring of density an affordable choice.

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