D030 Single Stage Batch Controller

Single stage batch controllers tend to be used for simpler applications like filling a large vessel/container or smaller fills where the flow rate is sufficiently low so as to prevent foaming over overflows. Ideal for filling smaller containers from bulk storage or IBC’s these units are programmed with the desired amount using the front panel keys and the start button pressed. The single relay output is used to open a valve or to start a pump and then it simply decrements down as the flowmeter gives it the volume passed, until reaching zero. It then closes the valve or stops the pump and resets for the next fill. Simple, cost effective and more reliable and repeatable than doing it manually by eye or weight.

  • 144x72mm Panel Mount
  • 24 Vdc/ac or 100-230 Vac Power Supply
  • 1x 250 Vac/30Vdc 2A Relay
  • Accepts most industry standard flowmeter frequency outputs: Reed Switch, NPN, PNP, CMOS or TTL, mV Sine-Wave and Namur
  • Features: Automatic Overrun Compensation, totaliser with reset and batch total, sensor supply
  • IP66 Front Panel 
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