Calibration & Repair Services

UK Flowtechnik offers a full calibration and repair service for a wide range of instrumentation products

Flow Meter Calibration

Flow calibration is available on most flow meter types: variable area, positive displacement, mass flow & axial turbines. 

  • Calibration range from 0.01 to 1000 litres per minute
  • 5 point calibration as standard
  • Results are traceable to DKD & National Standards
  • Wide range of media incl. water, air and fuel
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.5%

Typical meters types include:

  • Variable area  
  • Pelton wheel  
  • Magnetic Inductive        
  • Vortex 
  • Axial turbine  
  • Ultrasonic      
  • Positive displacement    

Pressure Sensor Calibration

Pressure sensor calibration traceable to UKAS Standards

  • Pressure range: 2,800 bar 
  • 5 point calibration as standard
  • Results traceable to UKAS Standards
  • All brands & signal types catered for
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.1%

Digital display calibration

Digital display/instrument calibration & certification using UKAS certified advanced calibrating equipment. The calibration process is followed by a system management test, full inspection and general maintenance.

  • Calibration of mA, voltage & frequency signals
  • 5 point calibration as standard
  • Results traceable to UKAS Standards
  • Maximum total uncertainty of <±0.5%

Repairs & services

We provide a full repair service on most flow meters. Units are normally repaired in the UK or will be forwarded to the original manufacturer for repair estimates if necessary. 

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