Batch controllers & displays

A Batching System normally consist of at least 3 parts, assuming the liquid product is already in the pipe and has enough pressure to flow, of course. Firstly, a flowmeter to detect liquid passing and to give a signal to the batch controller with a number of pulses per Litre (or any desired volumetric value). Situated after the flowmeter would normally be a fast acting solenoid style valve which provides back-pressure to the flowmeter ensuring it is full of liquid at all times and is the method for the batch starting and stopping. What brings these two elements together is the Batch Controller, this is the item you program with the desired quantity of liquid and it operates the valve and talks to the flowmeter to produces a system that will automatically dispense a known quantity of liquid reliably and repeatably. 

  • Single Stage Batch Controllers: these are the simplest devices which normally have relatively few features, but are ideal for filling a single volume such as cans, drums or IBC's reliably and repeatably. They simply open the valve when the start button is pressed, decrement down to zero from the pre-set quantity and then close the valve and reset for the next batch. The volume can be changed between batches but they lack the refinement for more complex batching operations, but more than make up for it with their cost-effectiveness
  • Dual or Two Stage Batch Controllers: these generally have more features like automatic overrun compensation, alarms if no flowmeter signal is detected etc and are designed for smaller more precise fills as well as tank or larger volume filling. The second stage is another relay which allows a smaller valve to be switched in towards the end of the batch i.e. a larger valve will fill most of the volume and then at the end a smaller valve takes over to slow the filling rate to get a precise fill. Something which can be quite important when filling bottles, cans or pouches where you want them to be full, but there is little overflow room.
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