Axial Flow Turbines For Process, Subsea and Hydraulic Applications

Axial turbines can be likened and tend to look like marine propellers housed in a tube which is the flowmeters body. Instead of being driven, they rotate freely with the flow of fluid as it passes over them. With a non-contacting pickup and a simple cylindrical body axial turbines can easily be designed to take very high pressures in the thousands of Bar. Their design tends to preclude going down to very low flow rates but theoretically there is no upper size limit to how big they can get.

Applications include: Water, Hydraulic Oil, Chemicals, Fuels, High Pressure, Hazardous Area and Hygienic to name but a few. The Tri-clamp versions in the G2 range seem especially popular with the brewing and distilling industry for dispensing, mixing and blending of everything from hot and cold potable water, wort to raw spirits and Ethanol.

  • Economy: O1, TM and A1 turbine meters with battery powered display in Aluminium, PVC and Nylon
  • G2 Series: Commercial and industrial 1/2" to 2" (BSP, NPT, Flanged or Tri-Clamp) turbine meters with battery powered flow rate and dual total displays in metal or chemically resistant plastic for safe area and hazardous area use
  • RN Series: Rugged industrial 1/2" to 8" turbines with threaded, flanged or hygienic connections in Stainless Steel with a range of outputs for safe area or harzardous area use
  • RN High Pressure: The industrial RN flowmeter but to 345 Bar (5,000 PSI) with BSP threads, 690 Bar (10,000 PSI) with NPT threads, 1034 Bar (15,000 PSI) with metal cone seal threads or 1502 Hammer Union fittings
  • RN Subsea: The industrial RN and RN High Pressure series for underwater use to a depth of 4000m
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