Axial Flow Turbines For Process and Hydraulic Applications

UK Flowtechnik’s axial turbines fall into two distinct categories, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The high-end RN series meters uses a turbine machined from a solid Stainless Steel or Super Duplex block with blades that are more sabre like in a similar fashion to a marine propellor. This gives excellent accuracy, a good measure of viscosity independence and reversable flow direction but of course it comes at a cost. With multiple body designs for threads, flanges, hygienic connections, and ultra-high-pressure applications they are our ‘go-to’ industrial meter. With their simplicity and ruggedness, the RN series are often used for hydraulic application, their design allows pressure ranges from 35 Bar (500 PSI), through 345 Bar (5,000 PSI), 420 Bar 6,000 PSI), 690 Bar (10,000 PSI), 1032 Bar (15,000 PSI) right the way up to 1380 Bar (20,000 PSI). These meters can have a variety of outputs from simple inductive coils giving a mV sine-wave to a blind 4-20 mA signal or a directly mounted battery powered digital display with option for alarms, pulse & analogue outputs (with HART) and RS485/232 serial communications using the RT Flomec displays or the F Series Fluidwell displays. Ideal for all industrial, chemical and offshore environments.

The RN series also forms the basis for our subsea range with specially designed transmitter housings capable of withstanding the crushing depths of up to 4,000m below the surface of the ocean. Whether is it’s a traditional pulsed or 4-20 mA output or a state-of-the-art RS485 serial communications these meters will monitor your valves and cylinders, keeping your topside and ROV operators in the picture.

The aerofoil shaped turbines of the Great Plains Industries 01, A1, TM & G2 flowmeters make mass production and a consequent economy possible whilst still keeping a variety of designs from simple screwed and flanged connections to Tri-Clamp hygienic adaptors for brewing and distilling applications. With their built-in battery (standard Alkaline not Lithium) powered displays and range of ‘sandwich’ modules delivering additional pulsed & 4-20 mA outputs, RS485 communications and even Bluetooth connectivity, versatility is their byword.

Applications include: Water, Chemicals, Coolant & Water/Glycols, Diesel, Kerosene, solvents, High Pressure, Hazardous Area and Hygienic to name but a few. The 1.1/2” Tri-clamp version of the G2 range seems especially popular with the brewing and distilling industry for dispensing, mixing and blending of everything from hot and cold potable water, wort to raw spirits and Ethanol.

  • Economy: O1, TM and A1 turbine meters with battery powered display in Aluminium, PVC and Nylon
  • G2 Series: Commercial and industrial 1/2" to 2" (BSP, NPT, Flanged or Tri-Clamp) turbine meters with battery powered flow rate and dual total displays in metal or chemically resistant plastic for safe area and hazardous area use
  • RN Series: Rugged industrial 1/2" to 8" turbines with threaded, flanged or hygienic connections in Stainless Steel with a range of outputs and displays for safe area or hazardous area use
  • RN High Pressure: The industrial RN flowmeter but to 345 Bar (5,000 PSI) with BSP threads, with a range of outputs and displays for safe area or hazardous area use
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