ACI oil cooler

UK Flowtechnik offer a range of HBE Hydraulics oil air coolers which are available in 10 different sizes and suitable for most hydraulic applications where the oil temperatures are too high for the system.

When hydraulic fluids reach a temperature of 80°C or more, the fluids will start to deteriorate much faster. Parts within the system may start to damage and the seal components will begin to fail.


  • Compact oil cooler with high cooling capacity
  • Flow rates of up to 600 Litres per minute with low-pressure loss
  • Operating pressures up to 16 bar, testing pressure at 25 bar static (DIN 50104)
  • Designed with axial fan blades to reduce noise levels
  • Fan housing streamlined for optimised airflow
  • Suitable for most hydraulic fluids (max 120°C)
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