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01A, 01N, TM, A1 Series Low Cost Flow Turbines

Low cost series of Axial Turbine flowmeters for water, chemicals, fuels & light oils in aluminium, PVC or nylon. Flow ranges start from 3.8 l/min up to 2271 l/min available in connection sizes from 1/2" up to 4". Local battery operated display shows rate of flow (TM series only) and / or sub & master totals of volume passed through the meter in l/min or USG/min.


The Economy range offers three main flowmeter types:

  • O1:  1” Meters which have 2 versions, Aluminium for fuels such as Diesel and Nylon for water, each features a battery powered display with dual totalisers (one that can be reset).
  • TM: ½” to 4” PVC meters designed for water like liquids with battery powered display of flow rate and dual total (one with reset)
  • A1: Commercial grade meters for fuels (Diesel, Petrol and Paraffin) in Aluminium and water like liquids in Nylon. Each feature a Zone 1 ATEX EEx ia approved battery powered display of flow rate and dual total (one with reset)
  • 01N Battery Powered Flowmeter for Water

    01A & 01N Series Fuel and Water Flowmeters

    01A & 01N

  • TM Series Threaded & Solvent Weld Connections

    TM Series PVC Turbine Flowmeter with Battery Powered Display

    TM Series

  • A1 Series Nylon and Aluminium Flowmeters with Display

    A1 Series Fuel and Water Flowmeters


  • Remote Kit for Q9 Battery Powered Display (TM, A1 & G2 Flowmeters)


  • Analogue 4-20 mA Output Module for Q9 Display (TM, A1 & G2 Flowmeters)