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VR immersion heaters and magnetic clamp for diesel fuels

VSE tank heater for diesel fuels
SKU: VR-xxxD
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VR Immersion Heaters with magnetic clamp


  • For the preheating of diesel fuels
  • No mounting effort, ideal retrofit solution to existing installations
  • Can be arranged Horizontal or vertical arrangement, low minimum diesel level
  • Magnetic clamps for fixing to tank bottom/partition wall
  • IP68 standard protection
  • Integrated thermostat with cut-off temperature @ 15°C (other cut-off temperatures available on request)
  • Integrated temperature limiter included
  • Surface charge: 0.6W/cm² for Diesel fuels

Sizes & Options

  • VR 125 (125W, 0.6W/cm2, L=200mm)
  • VR 250 (250W, 0.6W/cm2, L=300mm)
  • VR 500 (500W, 0.6W/cm2, L=500mm)
  • VR 250-24 (250W, 24V-DC, L=200mm)