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Electro Magnetic Flowmeters (EMF)

Magnetic Inductive or elecromagnetic flowmeters use the principles described by Faraday to derive the velocity of a conductive liquid flowing through a magnetic field. UK Flowtechnik's PE, WMP, EX80, FN and FF Series flowmeters transpose this principle into packages for every industry from laboratory pharmaceutical applications, through to irrigation and water treatment and the most rugged of industrial applications  

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  • PE Series Low Flow

    PE102 Low Flow PVDF mag meter
    Low flow magnetic inductive flowmeters in PVDF construction especially suitable for chemically aggressive media or pharmaceutical applications

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  • WMP Polypropylene

    WMP series mag meter
    Full bore, polypropyene bodied electromagnetic flow meter designed for flow and usage monitoring applications in 1" and 2" pipes.

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  • EX80 Series Insertion

    EX80 mag meter
    EX80 Series Insertion Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters for pipe sizes 1” to 12”, Weld-on, Saddle or Tee Fittings to Suit Most Pipe Work

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  • FF Series Hygienic

    FF series Hygienic mag meter
    Hygienic Mag Flow Meter with DIN11851 or Tri-Clamp connections and PTFE lined for Dn10 to Dn100 pipes

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  • FN Series Large Industrial

    FN series mag flowmeter
    Stylish Industrial Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters for DN6 to DN1200 pipes and flanged connections

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