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Paint Paint / Ink flow meter

Flow meters recommended for use with paints and electrostatically charged paints, if you require any further help or information then please contact us.

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  • VS High Specification Gear Flow meters

    VS series Cast iron or Stainless Steel circular gear
    VS Circular Gear Flowmeters in Cast Iron or Stainless Steel are highly accurate with wide measuring ranges up to 1600:1 turndown

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  • RS Helical Gear

    RS Series Helical Gear
    Helical Screw Positive Displacement Flowmeters for flow rates 0.1 to 3000 l/min. Huge viscosity measuring range. Light weight, low noise & low pressure drop.

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  • VHM Series Circular Gear

    VHM series gear flow meter
    Gear flow meter series for high precision flow metering. Suitable for a variety of liquids, specifically with high abrasiveness and poor lubricity.

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