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  • Flow Meters

    Flow meters for oil, water, gases and fuels
    Solutions for a wide variety of media and operating environments, selected by flow metering technology

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  • Flowmeters By Application

    Flowmeters By Application
    Find a flow meter by browsing our application menu. Search by fluid or media type or by electronic or environmental requirements.

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  • Displays & Controls

    Displays & Controls
    Digital rate or value displays, totalisers, batch controllers & signal conditioning units for display & control of process measurements, LED Rate or Value Displays, Totalisers, Batch controllers & Signal Conditioning units

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  • Process Sensors

    Process Sensors
    A wide range of process sensors for Temperature, Level, Pressure & Density (Concentration) measurement and control.

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  • Pump Systems

    Pump Systems
    External Gear Pumps, High Precison Dispensing Pumps, Internal Gear Pumps and High Pressure Radial Piston Pumps, for low and highly viscous fluids.

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  • DIMF Density Sensor Range

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  • Magnetic Drive Couplings

    Magnetic Drive Couplings
    Hermetically sealed magnetic couplings with pumps & drives for new or retrofit applications.

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  • Hydraulic Components

    Hydraulic Components
    Hydraulic system accessories including tanks, accessories, couplings, bell housings, heaters, coolers & damping elements.

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  • Discontinued


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